Schedule FIET 2021

 The FIET2021 consists of two parts, an initial phase where experts related to the world of education make educational proposals for new learning scenarios, from a research and innovation perspective. In a second phase, the FIET2021 is held at two key moments, an internal meeting of work with the members of the lines, followed by a couple of days, enabling teachers and professionals in education to share experiences and exchange views based on the thematic axes.


Technical Forum: 27/10/2021
The session will be restricted to the members of the working lines that make up the FIET.  The aim is to share and contrast the joint work of the working groups and to establish a dialogue among the members.

Public Forum: 28-29/10/2021
For two days, the results of the work generated in the technical forum will be shared.
This part will be open to the general public, beyond the organizing groups, in the form of Congress:
- Open Conference
- Closing Conference
- Panel Discussion (depending on transverse axes)
- Presentation of working documents
- Workshops

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